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If you are looking for a fantastic curtain service in the Sunshine Coast then you are in luck. Personal service is what we are passionate about, and we ensure that all our clients receive fantastic service. Family values are what the business is built on and this carries through and is evident in everything we do.

By personally dealing with our customers from the start to the end of the process, we ensure that any window furnishings or any other installations are completed to the best of our ability.

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Products We Offer

We have a large selection of products for you to choose from. If you are looking for an extensive range and wonderful service then look no further. All of our available products display quality workmanship. We are confident that you can find window furnishings that suit your taste by contacting our team.

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S-fold Sheer Curtains

S-fold sheer curtains diffuse light with a delicate style to your space. Get a light and simple statement to any room that needs just a bit of privacy, keeping a natural and bright feel.

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S-fold Blockout Curtains

S-fold blockout curtains can have a classic style to modern finish. They’re effective for privacy and can completely darken a room. S-fold blockout curtains can be an elegant finish to your home.

Custom Sunshine Coast Curtains

We believe that getting high-quality new curtains for your home should be an enjoyable experience — which is why we have set up every part of SEQ Blinds to make life easier for you. We bring the showroom to you, offer free measures and quotes and guarantee that we won’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied.


We have access to the area’s most vast fabric selection. It’s crucial to consider both the aesthetic and functionality when picking a curtain fabric.
Silks, sheers, textured, velvets, natural linens blockout, and triple weaves are among our many materials. Regardless of the look you are after, we can assist you with a free measure and quote for your desired design on the Sunshine Coast.

Fabrics and Material

You will love what you see when you take a look at our vast fabric collection. Textiles and fabrics are our specialties, and we can turn them into soft window furnishings to achieve your desired design. We can also provide material for your own creations. The materials of curtains and other window furnishings make a huge difference. We can assist you in making the right choice when you choose from our great range.

Tips for Choosing the Right Curtains

Should you require curtains, there are some considerations that you should make before you come to your final decision. We offer friendly, professional service to assist you in selecting from a huge range, and we are more than happy to assist you right here on the Sunshine Coast. Below are some things you should think about before making your choice.


When choosing a curtain colour, consider how it may complement the tones in your room. It doesn’t have to match completely, but choose a colour that you can use throughout your house renovation. Normally, we recommend neutral hues, but every now and again, we choose a stronger alternative.


When it comes to choosing curtains, height is by far the most significant consideration. A curtain should hang just above the floor and stretch well past your window.


Curtains are a simple accessory to change up, therefore we recommend changing your curtains throughout the year. To keep things cool, though, choose a light fabric, such as sheer.

Curtain Style

Curtains and drapes are available in a range of styles. Curtain pieces can be purchased for a low cost, although tailored drapes can be quite costly.

We’ll consider the design of your space as well as the window itself.

Double curtains are timeless and symmetrical. In smaller settings, single curtains are ideal. Romantic and traditional connotations are attached to curtains with a cloth valence, whereas structural and conventional curtains generally have a pelmet or crown board outlining the top.

Custom Made Curtains

Curtains may make a place feel more like a home. We appreciate that the curtain industry is a specialized profession, and selecting curtains can be a difficult undertaking, whether you’re building your first home or simply renovating existing interiors.

Our objective is to make the process as simple as possible for our clients from beginning to end by providing individualized consultations.

We have a large selection of textiles to suit everyone’s interests, and our knowledgeable experts make the process simple, whether you want a consultation or schedule a free in-home measurement and estimate.

Our Range of Curtains

We provide one of the largest selections of fully prepared, easy-to-look-after locally produced curtains on the Sunshine Coast because everyone and every room has distinct needs. Because they’re broader than average, you need fewer drops, which means you get more bang for your buck.

Our sheer curtains, which come in a variety of textures and patterns, let in sunlight while keeping privacy and look light and fresh. Our lined curtains for purchase come in a variety of lovely natural colours, delicate textures, and designs that are made to go with the latest colour palettes.

Mounting Your Curtains

When it concerns hanging curtains, there are a few different methods and approaches.

The following are two of the more popular choices:

  • Traditional: Install the components a few inches just above top-side of the window frame using the traditional way. It’s classic and should never go out of style.
  • Modern: Install the components directly below the ceiling for a modern look. It’s a fashionable contemporary style that can make ceilings look higher.

Why Choose Our Sunshine Coast Team for Your Window Furnishings

Our team consists of seasoned designers with extensive experience in the window decorating business. The installers are skilled in installing a wide range of items as well as guiding homeowners on how to make the most of their novel window decorations.

Furthermore, we value our relationships with our clients and endeavour to deliver exceptional customer service regardless of the size of the project.

For many years, we have been located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and managed by the same owner. Throughout Queensland, we’ve worked on commercial and residential developments and always offer great service.

The Bottom Line

If you need curtains for your windows or any similar product on the Sunshine Coast, come to us for excellent service and a large range of options. We stock only quality products and add a personal touch to all projects completed.

Our outstanding service has allowed us to retain customers and referrals.

Whether you already know exactly what you want or need our expert advice to assist you, you can count on us. For all your curtains needs in the Sunshine Coast, get in contact with us today.

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We believe that getting high quality new blinds for your home should be an
enjoyable experience — which is why I have set up every part of SEQ Blinds to
make life easier for you. I bring the showroom to you, offer free measures and
quotes and guarantee that I won’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied

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